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Other Legal Services

Town Agencies

Statewide Conveyancing specialises in attending settlements, stamping documents, conducting searches and inspecting body corporate records.

Commercial Property

Statewide Conveyancing can assist you with the purchase and sale of all different types of commercial properties and businesses including, but not limited to, sugar cane farms, cattle properties, general commercial buildings, all types of businesses and miscellaneous commercial agreements such as option agreements.

We prepare and advise on all types of commercial leases.

Family Law

Statewide Family Law can assist in the following areas:

  • Property Settlements – who is entitled to what? By examining what is just and equitable and the contributions made by each party specific to your situation.
  • Parenting Arrangements – who a child will live with, what time they will spend with the other parent or other significant person in that child’s life, while always considering their best interests.
  • Divorce - this particular area of law has now gone completely online – let us take the stress and worry out of the application process.

As well as providing advice in relation to:

  • Paternity/DNA
  • Recovery Orders
  • Child maintenance/support
  • Protection Orders
  • Family Transfers

Building and Construction

Statewide Conveyancing can assist you with reviewing all types of construction contracts including but not limited to residential house contracts and subcontractor contracts.


We prepare all different types of loan agreements and mortgage documentation to support such loan agreements.

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