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Neighbourhood Disputes Act - January 2012

This Act came into existence in 2011 and replaced the old Dividing Fences Act. In relation to fences the law has not changed. If you want your neighbour to contribute to the cost of building a fence you need to reach an agreement or obtain a court order before you start construction of the fence.


You are not able to recover the cost from your neighbour if the fence has already been built. The cost of the fence is normally split equally. The fence must be of a similar standard to other fences in the area and be between 1.2m and 1.8m.


Under the new Act a seller must disclose to a buyer if a court application or order has been made against the seller. If the seller fails to disclose this then the buyer is entitled to terminate the contract. If it is disclosed then the court proceedings are binding on the buyer.

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