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Transport Noise Corridors - December 2010

On 1 September 2010 the state government introduced transport noise corridors. The purpose was to restrict the type of houses that could be built which had a boundary with a major road. Previously the department of transport required new properties, which bordered a major road, to have noise covenants which had building restrictions on the type of houses that could be built. The building covenants required that if the house was higher than one level, the windows needed to be double glazed and it needed to have certain insulation etc.

Properties that already existed weren’t required to comply with these covenants as they only applied to new subdivisions therefore if you had a property which backed onto a major road, you could build whatever type of house you liked without having to worry about the noise covenants.

This all changed on 1 September 2010. Now if you own a vacant block of land on a major road you need to comply with the development code mandatory part 4.4 buildings and transport noise corridors. If you have an existing house you don’t need to alter your existing house but if you want to do any building work on the house, then that building work will need to comply with the development code.

Most new subdivisions will get round the issue by building an acoustic fence or barrier.

If an acoustic fence or barrier is built in between the major road and the development then single level houses don’t have to worry about the development code. You only have to worry about the development code if you are building two storey homes. To date there has not been any problems.

Unfortunately the cost to comply with the code is too high thereby preventing new homes from being built where there is no sound barrier in place.

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