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Why use a Conveyancer?

Buying a property can be a very easy process, as long as no issues arise and the seller's conveyancer is very helpful. In our experience that almost never happens.

For example, even extending the finance approval date, if done incorrectly, can result in a buyer being penalised hundreds of dollars. Conveyancers, in addition to doing all the standard work necessary to ensure you become the registered owner of the property, also give you instant advice on what to do if any changes need to be made to the contract or a problem arises.

We have found that people who act for themselves often have problems in the following areas:

  • Changing the finance/pest and building inspection/settlement dates - Simply agreeing to change these dates over the phone is not sufficient or valid.
  • Undertaking and checking the necessary searches - One person even handed over the purchase money to the seller without realising that the seller was no longer the registered owner of the property.
  • Calculating adjustments that need to be made to the purchase price as a result of searches undertaken on the property.

When acting for a buyer of a property a conveyancer ensures your interests are looked after and will generally:

  • Check the contract and resolve any problems created by a mistake on the contract.
  • Advise the buyer of any relevant dates such as building and pest inspections and contact the client on the relevant dates to ensure the buyer complies with all obligations.
  • Undertake all necessary searches, checking the searches and advising the buyer on any issues that may arise as a result of the searches.
  • Calculate adjustments that need to be made to the purchase price and correspond with the buyer's bank to ensure all requirements have been met and there is sufficient funds available at settlement.

Using professional conveyancers provides the buyer with the added reassurance that all their rights and obligations under the contract are attended to and the buyer is protected from any losses which could occur as a result of not doing so.

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