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What is the difference between a flat and a unit?

People often use these terms to describe apartments which form part of a complex. In Queensland, there is a special meaning given to these terms by solicitors. A unit is a property which forms part of a complex and is government by a "community titles scheme". Units will have their own separate certificate of title and may even have their own yard. Flats, on the other hand, while forming a part of a complex, do not have a separate certificate of title and all the flats in the complex must have the same owner.

Flats are often an old building which as been converted from one residence into a number of residences. To do this, you need the Council's consent. There are also a number of regulations with which you must comply on an annual basis.

Because of the extra regulations applying to flats, it is strongly recommended that you consult a solicitor before signing a contract to purchase flats.

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