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Statewide Conveyancing holds regular information seminars to help keep real estate agents up to date with current issues. Stay posted for further information on our next seminar.

Delivered to your door

Statewide Conveyancing will also provide you with training at your office if you wish. The training seminars currently available are…

Buying off the plan

Find out what documents need to be included when buying off the plan. Who needs to sign them and why.

Preparing contracts - workshop 1

This workshop will cover many aspects of preparing contracts such as, the seller’s name (including where the seller has died or is a trustee), the buyer’s name (including where the buyer does not know how they are going to hold the property), the details of the property (do you need to insert the area and what happens if you make a mistake), encumbrances, tenants, plus various other issues which arise when preparing contracts.

Preparing contracts - workshop 2

At this workshop you will be given problems relating to contracts requiring special conditions. You will learn what information you need to obtain to correctly identify which special condition to add. Samples of special conditions will be provided to participants.

Preparing contracts - workshop 3

Attendees at this workshop will learn what constitutes a structural defect, what happens if there is a problem with the final inspection, what is the margin scheme, plus many more important issues that may not have been included in your initial training.

Signing and sending contracts

This session will cover signing contracts, including how to send contracts by fax and email, signing unit contracts, signing for land off the plan and units off the plan. Tips will be given on how to put the contracts together and what to do if any of the terms change during negotiations.

Interpreting title searches workshop

Participants will learn how to read title searches, what the different sections mean, what is the significance of the searches and how different searches affect how you prepare contracts. The discussion will focus on leasehold, freeholding leasehold, road licences and subleases along with standard freehold titles.

Commercial and business contracts workshop

At this workshop you will learn what information you need to obtain to prepare commercial and business contracts, as well as listing business and commercial contracts. This presentation will cover commercial premises, through to retail businesses.

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Please contact us if you'€™re interested in receiving one of our seminars in your office

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